Monday, June 3, 2013

Finished Project #1 - new microwave

We've started and finished several projects around the house in the last month. Not only are they finished, but they came together pretty easily. The first was our new microwave. Here are some pictures.
Before: we are still loving the white cabinets
we painted - and they are holding up really well!
(I recommend Cabinet Transformations to anyone.)
But since it was time for a new microwave
anyway, we opted for an over the range model.
All the cool kids are doing it.

Step one: take down the old vent fan and cabinet.

Step two: install new cabinet box.
Our cabinets are pretty old, so there isn't a
door that matches ours. That's alright.
We opted to leave the doors off. Once
it's painted you'll never know the difference.

Step three: install new microwave.

Admire your husband's handiwork.
If I went into all the electrical work that accompanied this, it would bore you and I'd get half of it wrong anyway. Suffice it to say, Matt turned off our power more than once, crawled up into the attic more than once, and made several trips to the basement. Evidently, updated electrical code requires a dedicated line for all appliances, so he had to run a new electrical line. So it was a touch more involved than three steps. Luckily, Matt hated our old microwave even more than I did, so he was ultra motivated.

Actually, I can think of a step four: reenact the copier scene from Office Space on old microwave before putting it on the curb.