Saturday, March 16, 2013

room for a little lady

I knew the day was coming when Natalie would want to paint her room. I'm not quite sure I expected it to be this soon. I don't know what I thought. When she asked to paint her room, she clearly had been thinking it over for awhile. She knew exactly what colors she wanted it to be - pink and purple. And she wanted a big girl bed - a white one.

Well okay then!

It wasn't quite so easy for Matt and me. This redesign has us both waxing nostalgic for the days before we became parents. We designed her room not knowing her gender, not knowing what parenthood would bring. Here is Natalie's room just a few weeks before she was born.

I am pretty excited about redecorating her room. She's not 100% girly girl, but she's definitely close. Stay tuned for the final reveal... as soon as tomorrow!