Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jackson's first (real) hair cut!

My little boy is growing up! He was born with a head full of hair, and it's only gotten thicker and longer since then. A few months ago, I trimmed the hair over his ears by myself. We kept those small locks in a special place as his first hair cut. But yesterday we took him to a professional. He looks so much older!

5/29/2012 -- almost nine months old!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Natalie stories

We read books every night in my house. Every night before bed is story time, and it's a big treat for Natalie. So much so that if she's being disagreeable, she knows story time might be on the chopping block. But she and we never let it get that far, because we all cherish that time together. Jack goes to bed 30-60 minutes before Natalie, so he isn't involved in our story time yet. Instead, I try to read him little pieces during the day. Because when the boy is ready for bed, he isn't in the mood for anything else!

Natalie has loved so many stories in her two and a half years. I've created a list of the books we've loved as an attempt to hang on to their childhood while I still remember it. (Because journals and pictures and artwork might not be enough!) I combined the kids' favorites into one family favorites list, because there is so much crossover. Right now Natalie is loving animals. Especially bunnies, dogs and crocodiles. Right now, Jack is loving chewable books with interactive parts.

Recently though, Natalie has started asking for more and more Natalie stories. I started with one about how princess Natalie was going to go to a new school where she made lots of friends and loved her teachers. When she asked for more, I told her about ballerina Natalie who danced the Nutcracker as the most beautiful sugar plum fairy. Yesterday when she asked, I told her about a little girl named Natalie who had an amazing adventure in England. I'm running out of material, but it's been really good for introducing her to new concepts. And although the situations are new to her, having heard it before gives her an idea of "how the story will end."