Sunday, April 14, 2013

pink and purple

Natalie's updated room suits her perfectly. She asked for pink and purple walls and a white bed, but everything else was a surprise. We had it mostly done for her several weeks ago, when she came home from an outing with her grandparents. The verdict? She loved it! It's much more finished now (and clean for a change!) so I'm finally getting around to the reveal.

The total cost was pretty high, because we needed a mattress, slats and bed frame. We did score a few great deals though! The headboard was $5, and almost all of the textiles came from Ikea.

Shout out to Matt for putting up an awesome chair rail!
The wall across from the bed. The bunting was handmade by moi
for Natalie's third birthday party. I want to hang up more pictures and
other decor, but I'm waiting for inspiration to hit!
The sparklies on her door are imported from England :)
Natalie picked out an adorable pink lamp, and the
butterflies are another import from England. The lamp's
current home is the closet, so that Natalie can see there are
no monsters in there at night. That's been a big hurdle recently,
so the light stays on all night. Luckily it isn't too bright.
Two of these art pieces are Natalie originals.
Can you guess which? :)

If you look closely at the shelf picture above, you'll
see the calming jar we made for moments of frustration.
We found the idea on Pinterest, and it worked great!

My little girl in her big bed!